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"Two partners, one dream: to create a company capable of exporting made in Italy quality, innovation and design all over the world.

1989. This is the beginning of Lemi Group.

Spirit of initiative, creative talent and passion for design worked together to transform this dream into a great entrepreneurial reality.

From the success of its first bed to complete ranges of beds, stools, trolleys and multifunction couches. Today, Lemi Group is a model for the beauty and spa products, podiatry and medical sectors. In Italy as well as in the rest of the world.

Its intricate and specialized sales network serves the markets of Europe, the United States, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.

Reality has surpassed the dream.
Today, Lemi Group continues to grow."


"Believing in people: this is one of the great strengths of Lemi Group.
Believing in their experience, in their talents, in their passions.

A wealth of knowledge and skills, enriched day after day with the creativity of a youthful and dynamic environment.

It's the people and their originality that have rendered Lemi a group in which each individual makes a valuable contribution to everyone's continued growth.

Our employees are an inimitable resource. They are as unique as the products they create.

These are Lemi's people."


"Stimulating, functional and inviting: the enormous value of a versatile space which is capable of meeting every creation, production and display requirement.

This is Lemi's new headquarters in Casalbuttano, in Italy's province of Cremona. The space measures 7000 square meters and was created with both employees and clients in mind.

This is where space and space management become an essential value for Lemi: for the product, for the service.

Lemi's showroom, the perfect synthesis of the Group's philosophy, is located here.

The expression of a new showroom concept that guides visitors into discovering the world of Lemi, by allowing them to fully appreciate our products in an attractive setting.

A special place.
To see and to experience.


"Doing everything in-house: this is the only way to truly guarantee the quality of the final product.

That's Lemi's secret. Complete management of production and the freedom to select every single resource: people, materials and technologies

All within a single, highly-efficient and versatile structure, where technology and craftsmanship come together to bring about excellent results.

From the use of state-of-the-art equipment, such as computerized and robotic welding and bending systems, to the production of our own upholstery, which is available in more than 50 colors for each product.

This is the essence of Lemi production. From the idea to the final product, in complete autonomy: choosing the best to obtain the best.

This is made in Italy quality.
This is made in Lemi quality."


"The products, the services, the relationships: the continuous goal of a group that strongly believes in quality.

To do so, Lemi performs specific tests upon the electrical and electronic parts, anti-oxidation treatments upon the structural components and continuous inspections upon the production processes. That's why the company offers a 4 year warranty on each of its products.

The company also offers a mindful and efficient customer care service, which is capable of satisfying any requirement in real time.

All this for quality, a value that Lemi continuously defends and builds upon. The company's ISO 9001 certification bears witness to this dedication.

The most important recognition comes from the clients. Their satisfaction is the true certification of Lemi quality.

For them, we are committed to continuous improvement."


"Thinking about our clients and their needs. This is how Lemi products are conceived.

Constant attention to the needs of consumers and the industry's professionals, with particular focus on design trends.

Simplicity, convenience and comfort, innovation, style and customized design: these are the key elements of every Lemi product.

Lemi's professional equipment highlights each these elements through the use of original structural solutions, enriched by attention to detail.

It's the idea at the service of the product. That’s how a perfect balance is achieved between functionality and esthetics.

That's the essence of every Lemi product."